The Cox Room

Fabulous large room with sitting area! Elegantly appointed with Queen size bed and warm brown and burgundy tones to ground you. Egyptian Cotton Linens, cashmere blanket, Luxurious Robes, Widescreen LCD Television, Wireless Internet Access, Alarm clock, Air conditioning, and Ceiling fan.

This room was named after …

Dr. Cox was often described as a “real country doctor” who treated his patients in an informal and congenial environment; keeping a home office and accepting barter goods long past the era when these practices were the norm.  He was unlike other physicians in methodology, however, and ran his office in his own idiosyncratic way.

Many in Galax recall that each hour on the hour, he would yell into the waiting room, “Anybody for shots?,” whereupon all those requiring a shot would line up for the procedure.  Dr. Cox was extremely committed to his practice, which was an outlet both for his outgoing personality and keen mind.

In 1962, Dr. Cox became interested in the political spectrum of Virginia.  He was elected to the Virginia Legislature and secured legislation for the establishment of Mt. Rogers State Park, later renamed Grayson Highlands Park.  He also kept bills before the House for the promotion of better education.

“Dr. Cox was not the normal doctor.  He was a country doctor, an advisor on any subject, lover of the outdoors, and loved by all.  He charged only minimum fees for his services and in many instances charged nothing at all.  He forged rivers to deliver babies for nothing or a shoulder of hog meat, he delivered probably over 5,000 babies.  Folks lined up to get treatment, medicine, and advice.  He gave it all and freely.  He loved medicine and all its aspects.” (H. D. Turner, Attorney)